In an effort to collect a comprehensive data on the fight against HIV/AIDS, a data validation exercise was held at the GomSACA conference hall were various heads of LACAs, PHCs and facilities were present.

After the comprehensive presentation of the state data by Pathfinder International, it was discovered that most of the data under review were not harmonized as there is no agreement between the number of people who tested HIV positive, those initiated and enrolled for treatment at some facilities in the state.

However, to come up with a roadmap on how to ensure that accurate and up to date data are collected, attendants resolved to do the following:

  1. LACA M & Ea��s should validate and ensure that accurate data are collected and validated at the facility level before filing any monthly report.
  2. Any LACA M&E that submit invalidated and wrong data will be recommended to the government for appropriate punishment under the civil service rule.
  3. SACA and SASCP were advised to officially write to CIHP who are in charge of funding the monthly data collection about performance based payment. It should be clearly stated that it has been resolved that any LACA that submit data that is less than 100% will not receive the stipend paid by CIHP. Such will help in collecting a complete and valid data from LACA.
  4. LACAa��s that face difficulties in collecting data from some facilities should report immediately to the right authority for appropriate action.
  5. Data collection/review teams from Gombe north were urged to always keep to time for monthly data collection exercise.


Data presentation